Marshal of Finland WW II - Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim

V75012 - 75mm resin figure

Marshal of Finland WW II - Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim

75mm resin figure.
The boxart painted by László György.

The price is 32 EUR


Baron Mannerheim:

Gustav Mannerheim was born in 1867 in the Grand Duchy of Finland. His family had Swedish origin. Mannerheim started his military carreer in the Imperial Russian Army and became a political and military leader of the independent Finland from 1919-1946. During the Winter war he was the commander of the Finnish Armed Forces, and in 1944 he became the president of Finland. Mannerheim was voted as the greatest leader of the history of Finland

The Figure:

The figure represents Mannerheim in his Marshal of Finland uniform, a rank which was donated to him only in the Finnish history.


Without the contribution of Jukka Purhonen this figure would never been released. Special thanks to Jukka for his great help during desing and painting. Kiitos Jukka!

Figure Details

Scale: 75mm

Release Date: 2021

Number: V75012