Austrian Line Infantry (Hungarian Regiment) - Italian Unification Wars 1850's

V16013 - 1/16 scale resin mini bust

Austrian Line Infantry (Hungarian Regiment) - Italian Unification Wars 1850's

1/16 scale resin mini bust. Designed by Sándor Harsányi. The boxart painted by László György.

The price is 20 EUR


The Figure:

The figure based on an illustration from the book Austrian Army 1700-1867 by Rudolf Otto von Ottenfeld a well known military painter of the Vienna Secession.

Uniform and equipment:

He wore the white tunic (Waffenrock) with tight Hungarian trousers. The tunic's cuff had a special decoration the so called 'Bear paws' which was braid in white only on the uniforms of Hungarian regiments. The weapon is an M1842 Augustin infantry musket with bayonet The overcoat is folded and attached to the knapsack on his back For more information and detailed explanation on the Line infantry of the 1850's see our painting guide below.


We would like to thank Árpád Kajon for his help during the design of this figure and also for providing us the historical summary of Line Infantry of the period which you can read below.

Painting guide:

You can download a printable PDF from here: Colour Guide
Figure Details

Scale: 1/16

Release Date: 2022

Number: V16013